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Tonight after work I went to my local Rally to Stop the Judicial Takeover. A couple hundred people were milling about by the 5:00 start time, with more filing in from all directions once the earnest emcee picked up the half-mile hailer. It was the usual affair with the usual suspects handing out the usual fliers and the fringe-dwellers selling their Revolutionary Worker papers (which have undergone a snazzy redesign and now actually resemble free alt-weeklies, although of course they're not free because socialism costs money, man) and handing out lists of chants. It was all very well intentioned, of course, but I had to leave after 10 minutes because

a) They were handing out lists of chants, and
2) The first chant they tried out to get the crowd all fired up was (and I'm not kidding):

Cheney, Frist, Santorum!
Corruption lacks decorum!

Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ, are you serious? That is the shittiest chant I have ever heard in my entire life! Try saying out loud. You can't! Because it sucks! It's all graceless consonants smashing into each other. Is this really how we plan to win the revolution?

Please, fellow liberals, I beg you -- stop being such dorks!

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Corruption lacks decorum? I can't imagine a lamer chant. Well, if I tried, I could imagine lamer chants. Like "Cheney, Santorum, Frist! Watch me shake my fist!" Or: "Santorum, Frist, Cheney! Corruption makes me go weewee!"

I'm glad I had to work tonight. I had planned to go to the protest, but apparently my late shift was the wiser choice.

Reverend H.L. Spork @ 04/28/2005 02:49 AM CST

Thanks for asking the question that I'm always thinking. It's hard to be a Dem nowadays and hold my head up when some of us truly are "dorks"--particularly those in office.

NeoCleo @ 04/28/2005 02:49 PM CST

At least they didn't do the Hey, Hey, Ho, ho blanky, blank has got to go! I HATE THAT! I mean Come on! It's 2005 already do we really need to do chant from 40 years ago?
At least your people tried something new. And of course the TV cameras play along and 94 percent of the time they will use the stupid chant as background. Either that or "What do we want? Peace! When do we want it? Now!"
Jesus H. Christ on a cracker! Get some new material for this century people!

spocko @ 05/03/2005 11:31 AM CST

Hey Hey Oh no Flocks and herds keep rhyming words

Bruce Breece @ 05/04/2005 02:26 AM CST

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