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Jeb Bush will not force a pregnant 13-year-old to have a baby:

The girl, known only as L.G. in court papers, became pregnant about 14 weeks ago after running away from the DCF shelter where she lives.

Palm Beach Juvenile Judge Ronald Alvarez ruled Monday that she could have an abortion. He had issued an order last week temporarily stopping the teen from having the procedure after the DCF argued that she was too young and immature to decide for herself and state law prohibited the agency from consenting to an abortion.

Alvarez held up the abortion until a psychological evaluation was completed.

"Legally speaking, it's not a difficult decision to make," Alvarez said in court Monday. "Morally speaking, it's a very difficult decision for this court to make. ... But I'm not here to make the moral decision. I'm here to make the legal decisions."

How long before this "activist judge" who upheld Florida law (which does not require parental notification) instead of doing the illegal bidding of religious fanatics ends up denounced as a terrorist by Pat Robertson & Friends?

Another interesting snippet from that article on Jeb Bush's failure to mandate childbirth among children:

Howard Simon, executive director of the Florida American Civil Liberties Union, which helped represent the girl, criticized state officials for disregarding the girl's constitutional rights.

"Isn't it an indication of a strange state of affairs in Florida that we should be grateful that the governor has agreed to obey the law?" he said.

"This was also the law a week ago and this flurry of litigation could have been avoided if the governor could have gotten better legal advice last week that this minor female has a right to terminate her unwanted pregnancy," Simon said.

"The governor has a duty to uphold the constitution -- not simply the provisions he agrees with."

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Yes, it is weird when we're grateful that a governor has agreed to obey the law. But keep in mind, this is Jeb Bush. The prospect of a Bush brother obeying the law for once should have people turning cartwheels and backflips in the streets, like in the beginning of "Austin Powers". We should take out a big newspaper ad: "Thanks, Jeb, for obeying a law! After all that disgusting posturing during the Terri Schiavo debacle, it's refreshing to see that, once public opinion turns against you, you grudgingly relent to doing the actual job that you were elected to do. We hope this is the beginning of a brand-new Jeb, one who apes the actions of a law-abiding citizen, and occasionally puts the interests of the citizens of Florida ahead of his own interests. (We hope this will happen, but due to your past history we're not holding our breath.) Signed, the reality-based community."

jima @ 05/04/2005 08:59 AM CST

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