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Somebody "defaced" the Salty Saint:

A Kennedy Expressway underpass stain that had drawn hundreds of pilgrims who believed it to portray the Virgin Mary was painted over early today after its defacement late last night.

Police arrested the alleged vandal shortly after witnesses said they saw the man take out black shoe polish at the site on the Fullerton Avenue underpass around 11:30 p.m. and write "Big Lie" over the stain, said police spokesman David Banks. Sometime later highway workers painted over the graffiti.

The suspect, Victor Gonzalez, 37, of Chicago, was arrested at Diversey and California Avenues, just a few blocks northwest of the underpass, Banks said. Gonazalez was charged with misdemeanor criminal damage to state-supported property, Banks said.

Police were initially reluctant to release Gonzalez's name because of concerns that outrage over the defacement might jeopardize his safety. "This could be a nasty thing," Banks said.

Nice -- some crazy, violent stain-worshippers might hurt the guy who destroyed the thing that was supposed to remind them about love and peace and stuff. Sigh. Nothing good comes from fanatacism.

edit: OK, I just saw some TV coverage of this non-event, and that underpass wall around the "vision" is covered with graffiti -- prayers, names, etc. (even a "Go Cubs!"). The police never arrested any of those vandals for "criminal damage to state-supported property." Is the wall state property, or just the alleged holy vision?

Replies: 3 Confessions

Jesus and his ilk are special, they are above the law. Don't you know that?

Anna @ 05/06/2005 05:06 PM CST

vandalize for jesus!

the other amy @ 05/08/2005 04:42 AM CST

jesus h. christ and his black brother fred!

amy_b @ 06/27/2008 05:36 PM CST

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