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The Mountain Goats show Friday night -- at the lovely, smoke-free (except for that asshole standing behind me) Logan Square Auditorium -- was pretty darned good. I've never seen ol' John Darnielle with an actual band before (drums, even!), and instead of sitting in a chair and hunching intensely over his acoustic guitar, he stood and played an acoustic with a pick-up. Almost like a rock star. I kinda like it.

Although I am still utterly fond of the lo-fi stuff, so I was pleased to hear "The Monkey Song" amid all the new 4AD stuff. Yes, as Phineas chided me, it's silly. But it was one of my first introductions to the band back in 1994, when my pal David made me a mixtape and I became obsessed.

Anyway, I was planning to use this entry to ramble on about John Darnielle and how great the Mountain Goats are and all that, but there just isn't time these days. With school and work the next few weeks, there won't be time for much of anything else at all. I'm taking an "intensive" 4-week class that still has all the work of the regular 8-week class (two papers, two group projects, and about 600 pages of reading), with the added fun of being held on Saturdays from 9 am to 4 pm. But then I will be free from school until mid-August, and I'm looking forward to taking a break, teaching myself some crafty things, and maybe taking belly dance lessons. Or just lots of napping.

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Come to Iowa and see the funeral home we're buying!
Many good bead stores here, plus Prairie Lights books. I'm not so sure about the belly dancing, though.

elavil @ 05/16/2005 01:23 PM CST

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