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I dreamed last night that Jim and I rented a movie we'd never seen nor heard of before, something old and weird tucked away on the video store's shelves. It was from the early '70s, involving a repressed middle-aged businessman (Jack Lemmon) who falls passionately in love with a mysterious traveling folksinger (Bob Dylan). The businessman leaves his job and family to be with the folksinger, who rarely speaks and mostly just mopes around morosely while wearing a floppy hat. There were many nude scenes.

Jim and I kept staring at each other in disbelief -- how could we not have heard of this movie? You'd think a weird, gritty '70s flick filled with sweaty Lemmon-on-Dylan sex would have been a big hit, or at least a Russ Myers-level cult classic. We decided not to take the movie back so we could force all of our friends to watch this freaky thing.

Replies: 2 Confessions

I'd watch it. Can't be any worse than 'Gumnam' or 'Ratopolis'.

Phineas @ 06/08/2005 09:30 AM CST

Well, then I guess we'll have to have you over for imaginary movie night soon!

(I had completely forgotten about "Ratopolis." Thanks. You bastard.)

Amy C @ 06/08/2005 10:34 AM CST

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