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I went to the Sleater-Kinney show last night at the Riv. It sounded like this:

The Fox
Burn Don't Freeze
Light Rail Coyote
Modern Girl
What's Mine Is Yours
Was it a Lie?
Let's Call It Love
Night Light
--first encore--
Little Babies
I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight
The End of You
Words & Guitar
--second encore--
Get Up
Step Aside

OK, remember what I said the other day about getting into their newfound guitar-god jamming abilities? Well, that affection was greatly tested during the live performance of these songs, when I was unable to, say, check my e-mails while waiting for the longer bits to end. By the third feedback-drenched Carrie solo, I really did look at my watch. Also, the set was, um, loud. Really loud. (They were so loud -- they played that one song for 25 minutes!*) And the vocals were completely overwhelmed by the guitars. But I guess the ladies like it that way these days.

But, hey, it wasn't a bad show by any means. Any night I get to spend within a hundred yards of Janet Weiss is a good night indeed. Corin looked adorable in her totally non-rockstar little black flats, and her voice was in fine form (near as I could tell. How does she sing like that every damn night?). It just wasn't the transcendant experience I was hoping for after a work week that made me want to stomp on the throats of my colleagues.

Maybe next time.

*Actual quotes from my dad, who will still say these words in this exact order when reminded that he was forced to endure both Culture Club at Cobo Hall in 1984 and Prince on the Grammy telecast in 1985.

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