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Bitch is probably my favorite magazine ever. When I picked up the premier issue at Women & Children First about 10 years ago, the first word that popped into my head was, "Finally!" Every issue surprises me -- even the articles that I don't have any immediate interest in always draw me in and make me think. Every issue challenges some preconceived notion of mine, even the ones I didn't think I had (recent articles on transgender representation especially). Even when I don't get the references (I've never watched Buffy, for example), I appreciate the perspective.

So I was completely thrilled the other night when I went to a fundraising house party for the magazine and got the meet the founding editor. I spent several minutes gushing at Lisa Jervis about how much I love Bitch, and how I have every single issue, and how, when I recently cleaned up my home office and got rid of old issues of almost every magazine I've been collecting over the years, I kept all my Bitches.

A few of us at the party were talking about the role of that other famous feminist magazine in our lives. For me, Bitch more of a supplement to Ms. than a replacement for it. It's a nutritious part of my well-balanced feminist media diet (Ms. for international news and old-skool feminism, Bust for pop culture and craft, Venus for music and DIY, plus Rockrgrl and Extra! and Utne and NOW Times and all kinds of other stuff). And how hard does it rock to have so many options?

Cinnamon was at the party, too. I think she knew everyone there.

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