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Last night, a special treat: We went to see School of the Holy Beast at Facets. It's about a hot Japanese teenager who enters a convent to find out the truth about her mom.

Holy mother of god, what a weird movie!

Weird editing, weird sound effects, weirdly translated scripture (Actual quote: "'Only an innocent man can beat a guilty woman with a rock.' Remember when Jesus said that?", and a weird bobtail cat that's supposed to be a metaphor for something, I guess.

There are bare-breasted nuns whipping each other for sins, a shaggy-haired rapist priest who dresses like a warlock and is haunted by Nagasaki, a catfight in a wheatfield next to a pond (but, sadly, not actually in the pond), lesbian greenhouse sex, camera zooms straight outta Monster Chiller Horror Theater, and a whole bunch of young, sexy Japanese women that you can't tell apart when they're in identical full wimples and habits, so it's impossible to follow the plot ("wait, is she the spy? or is she the pregnant one?").

And I can't even describe the scene with the rose-whipping. You're just gonna have to go see it.

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Damn. I would have gone with you guys to see this but I was stuck out in Colorado. I missed out on every fun thing imaginable over the weekend. Gr. Having a family sucks.

Phineas @ 06/27/2005 10:21 AM CST

We have families; we just never visit them. The movie plays at Facets through this Thursday, so you've still got time to go see it. And there may be a video/DVD release in the forseeable future, so even if you don't get to it I'm sure Amy will be having a video party sometime soon, just to show this film. It was pretty spectacular.

jima @ 06/27/2005 11:00 AM CST

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