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I've been having these dizzy spells lately. They only last a few seconds, but there's a definite room-spinning sensation to them that I dislike. I've been unable to find any kind of pattern to them -- sometimes they happen when I'm hungry, sometimes after I've just eaten, sometimes when I'm just sitting at my desk typing, and, most disturbingly, once when I was on the treadmill at the gym. There are no other symptoms like headaches or vision problems or nausea. Just spinning. It's annoying.

So I paid a visit to my GP on Thursday to find out what's going on. Her theory is that something (probably stress) is twanging the nerve that leads to my inner ear. But just to rule out any sort of imbalance or deficiency, she recommended a full course of blood work to check nutrients and thyroid levels and cholesterol and all that good stuff. And when she said "blood test," my heart did not plummet. My palms did not sweat. I did not immediately try to figure out how to avoid the test.

I think I've finally beaten my needle phobia. And I mean beaten it to death. After 20 years of fainting and a year of behavioral therapy and a few well controlled experiences to break the cycle of panic, I showed up for my blood test bright and early Friday morning, did my breathing exercises to relax, then got a couple of vials of blood drawn just like normal people do. At no point from the words "blood test" to the bandaid on the arm did I feel scared. I even tried to freak myself out on purpose, just to see if I really was that cool with it. I kept waiting for the fear. It never came.

For probably the first time in my life, the needle was not accompanied by blind, hyperventilating terror. I'm free.

I'm actually even a little glad that the technician who took my blood kind of sucked at it, because now I have a little bruise in the crook of my elbow that I can look at to remind myself that I did it. Yay, me!

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YAY YOU indeed! Great job. I'm really absurdedly proud of you.

Anna @ 07/05/2005 12:21 PM CST

well done.

the other amy @ 07/06/2005 03:14 AM CST

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