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Bernard Goldberg, who recently had his ass handed to him on The Daily Show because he's an idiot, has this book out about the 100 People Screwing Up America.

Sadly, I did not make the list. I apologize. I've been busy lately with school and the DIY Trunk Show and stuff. And I'm afraid I lack the visibility of your Jimmy Carters and your Jane Smileys (seriously, Jane Smiley is screwing up America? Granted, I've only read Moo, but I thought it was pretty good). I'm not a famous Civil Rights leader. I don't have a TV show or a newspaper column or a syndicated comic strip. But I do write angry letters to my elected representatives and hold unpopular opinions. I listen to that loud rock-n-roll music and have sex for pleasure, not procreation. I recognize no higher power, I disrespect authority, and I should probably have my mouth washed out with soap. I guess I'm just not trying hard enough.

Just out of curiosity, though: How come the self-appointed moralists who have been loudly decrying the "coarsening of our culture" for the last 100-odd years never mention Lee Atwater, the Nixon/Reagan/Bush I advisor (and mentor to that treasonous shitstain Karl Rove) who was probably more responsible than anyone for the vicious, lying, race-baiting, coarsened state of American political life?

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I thought #23 was 'an unknown american TOURIST'. Now that is something would agree with!

the other amy @ 07/18/2005 05:24 PM CST

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