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Last night I dreamed that Dave Awl wanted to start a women's group. But I was the only woman who showed up to the first meeting, so I decided to go get some tea. Dave asked me to pick up a cup of blackberry tea for him, then wrote me a check for $100. I explained that tea really didn't cost that much, so he told me to use the extra money to buy drinks for the staff at Higgins Animal Hospital (our vet). As we walked to the vet, Dave said, "Henry was a good dog." I agreed that she was, and then I looked down to see that I was carrying her. It suddenly seemed odd to refer to her in the past tense when she was right there, but I said, "Henry, you were a good dog." She looked up at me, and then I woke up.

She's been gone almost four months. I dream about her at least once a week.

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My mother in law would say that Henry is visiting you in your dreams. She is your guardian angel and her spirit is good luck for you. My mother in law is from Eastern Europe and believes in the messages dreams send. She's not religious.

My girl, Matisse, passed away in June. I still walk into the house expecting to see her running to greet me, ready to go out for a walk. I was so very lucky to have her in my life. She was a little piece of magic.

Rita @ 07/20/2005 08:45 PM CST

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