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A J. Crew catalog arrived today, and I idly flipped through it during dinner, wondering who really needs tight argyle sweaters and pointy, pointy shoes. But I was quickly baffled to my core by an item called Trouser Jeans.

Seriously, Trouser Jeans. Perhaps they're meant to be worn with Sweater Shirts under a Coat Jacket. Jim and I had a hearty laugh about the silliness of Trouser Jeans and imagined other fanciful garments like Belt Socks and Bra Shoes and Panty Hats. But nothing prepared us for the absurdities on page 99, where the model was posing in something called Ticket-Pocket Trouser Jeans in Rinse Wash.

Ticket-Pocket Trouser Jeans in Rinse Wash. Although I recognize all of those words, they mean absolutely nothing when strung together in that order. Jim suggested that maybe J. Crew was now writing its catalogs in Engrish.

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