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A statue of the Virgin Mary has reportedly "become flesh" and started to dance.

Over 40,000 catholics are on their way to St Peter's church at Acerra, near Naples to have a closer look.

Witnesses say that the 5ft white marble statue stretched out her arms and moved her legs reports the Daily Express.

Domenico Di Gennaro said: "I saw the statue move without doubt. The legs and the arms were clearly moving and my wife saw it as well. Some people who had phones photographed it."

The parish priest said the church was closed so that tests could be carried out on the statue.

Replies: 6 Confessions

I think she's trying to do the Funky Chicken!

jima @ 08/01/2005 08:33 AM CST

That would make a believer out of me!

Amy C @ 08/01/2005 10:13 AM CST

As she broke through her shackles, and took her first steps, it quickly became apparent that she now enjoys growling at small children and is afraid of fire. GRRRRR!

Come to think of it, she needs to watch her step in Santa Cruz after 2am. She may find herself cooling her deviant heels in the county lockup.

Mike @ 08/01/2005 11:46 AM CST

Oh yeah. A link:

Mike @ 08/01/2005 11:47 AM CST

There was totally just an episode of Dr. Who like that.

(In fact, it was the opening episode of the new BBC series...all these mannequins came to life and started shooting people. Quick, everybody, fan out and search Naples for the TARDIS!)

P. Dave @ 08/01/2005 09:10 PM CST

Well, you try being a statue for decades, perhaps centuries, you'd probably want to stretch a bit yourself too.

I think what would bring me back to the RCC fold would be if the statue began to move her arms, as if to shake out the stiffness, and, as a crowd gathered and waited with bated breath her next miraculous action, scratch her armpit.

Reverend H.L. Spork @ 08/01/2005 11:01 PM CST

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