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You know what sucks? Insomnia. I woke up at 1:30 am, and then my stupid brain wouldn't let me sleep again. Instead it rooted around for hours and found hundreds of things for me to worry about, like all the work I have to get done today so I can take tomorrow off, the $700 worth of car repairs I had done this week, the upcoming road trip to Michigan, the possibility of spending the weekend bickering with the NASCAR side of the family, next week's dance recital thingy, Supreme Court nominations, fire, pain, cancer, vomit, fat thighs, choking hazards, and food poisoning.

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Choking hazards, vomit, food poisoning? Are these related worries, perhaps in the context of Supreme Court nominations?

elavil @ 08/07/2005 04:09 PM CST

Well, my innards have been misbehaving lately -- I hadn't thought John Roberts could be responsible, but now it makes sense.

Amy C @ 08/08/2005 10:15 AM CST


Next time you feel like that, try a Waving Not Drowning bath ballistic from LUSH

Marblex @ 08/09/2005 04:10 PM CST

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