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Mr. Jimmie has some pictures and words about our weekend in Michigan. My brother and sister-in-law recently marked 25 years of married life, so we all got together and had a party. The shindig itself was lovely -- good food, lots of friends and family, and a lot of love. Very few couples make it to 25 years these days, especially when they get hitched at 18. So good on ya, Kathy & Alan!

And we spent Friday night at my sister's place, getting to know her relatively new husband (first anniversary: Oct. 2) and his 12-year-old daughter. I now have two nieces, plus a nephew who skipped his parents' party to see Sammy Hagar. I think it was a concert -- they didn't just have Sammy Hagar in a cage by the interstate or anything.

And we still managed to have lunch with our pal David and lounge on my parents' porch watching deer in the woods and whatnot. So it was a great trip over all. But, man, it was totally the opposite of relaxing. We spent about 15 hours driving between 7 am Friday and 2 pm yesterday. I had to call in sick this morning to get some much needed sleep and get over some sort of intestinal bug I picked up somewhere. I could fall asleep again now. In fact, I just might.

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