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Last night my belly dance class had its graduation performance at the Old Town School. Being herded into the auditorium and told to take our places brought back all those grade school dance recital terrors, but once I started in with the snake arms and hip shimmies, I relaxed and had a lovely time before an appreciative crowd. It's been a while since I performed anything in front of people, probably since I was in the WAC Drum Core about eight years ago. I tend toward introversion most days, but who doesn't love a little applause now and again?

I'm glad I took this class, and my teacher was a delight -- a tiny, funny Latina with gorgeous hair and a whole lot of patience. If real school weren't starting up again in a couple weeks, I would definitely take more lessons. (You should have seen the cool stuff Level 2 was doing last night!)

So anyway, here are some pictures (taken by Mr. Jimmie) on my first attempt at Flickr. We couldn't all fit on the stage, so half of the class is dancing on the floor in front of the stage, hence the low light.

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I saw the Level 2 dancers! It was very impressive. Especially the one woman who was wearing a very sparkly costume. We refer to her as "Sparkle Motion".

Congratulations on the graduation! You looked so fancy up on stage.

jima @ 08/10/2005 10:39 AM CST

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