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After months of debate over science and religion, the Kansas Board of Education has tentatively approved new state science standards that weaken the role evolution plays in teaching about the origin of life.

The 10-member board must still take a final vote, expected in either September or October, but a 6-4 vote on Tuesday that approved a draft of the standards essentially cemented a victory for conservative Christian board members who say evolution is largely unproven and can undermine religious teachings about the origins of life on earth.

"We think this is a great development ... for the academic freedom of students," said John West, senior fellow of the Discovery Institute, which supports intelligent design theory.

Because, see, this is about "academic freedom" now. Students in Kansas are now free to be completely ignorant. What a victory! Hooray for freedom! God bless America and the babies and the flag and the magnetic Support the Troops ribbon stuck to the metal plate in my head!

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Have we mentioned the Flying Spaghetti Monster theory of creation previously? It's currently the #1 link on, no doubt due to the timeliness of the related Website:

jima @ 08/10/2005 03:54 PM CST

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