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Yesterday I got to play supermodel for the afternoon.

See, my pal Jenni Prokopy has this site called ChronicBabe, which offers news/resources/community/totebags for young women who want to be hot, crafty babes while living with chronic health problems. And she needed a bunch of cool photos to illustrate future articles and whatnot. So I brought along some of my own chronic props (my asthma inhaler, the orthopedic inserts that cradle my arthritic feet, the black sleep mask I wear when the migraines are really bad) and posed for photos with some other chronic babes.

And, no, there was no nudity involved. Although I had to leave before the pillow fight. Because you know how women are, always with the pillow fighting.

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More chronic babe (and dude) art from Riva Lehrer. I am too pitiful to make a link for you but she is easy to find at earthlink.

elavil @ 08/15/2005 07:25 AM CST

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