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So Sheehan, who just knows that she's against the war because her boy died there and she doesn't want that to happen to anyone else, gets the celeb treatment, iconized into single-name fame a la Madonna. She's attacked when she tries to fit the enormous role we wrote for her and when she doesn't manage to pull it off. We either hang on her words or hang her for them. The grilling she gets about foreign policy, about regional strategies from the nattering nabobs of numbskullery on toxic TV turn her into a straw woman.


Sheehan gets quizzed about strategic policy as if she were on the Council on Foreign Relations, and she gets ridiculed when she founders. She's treated the way the interrogators ought to be treating the likes of Pat Robertson when he says we should save ourselves some bucks on another war by just assassinating the president of Venezuela (which is illegal under a presidential ban). He's a Yale law grad, a Phi Beta Kappa, a former presidential candidate and a TV preacher with a tele-flock following of 20 years' standing. He holds himself up as an authority and ought to be held to account as one, and not just be dismissed, as Donald Rumsfeld remarked, as "a private citizen."

Hey, at least he apologized. In a press release. After lying about his call for murder on his TV show. Then blaming the AP for "misinterpreting" his call for murder. And then refusing to talk about it on his TV show anymore. Because, you know, moral values and stuff.

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