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Want some canvas sneakers that look like Converse All-Stars, but you don't want your money going to the evil overlords of Nike?

No Sweat has several colors of extremely Converse-esque shoes in high-top and low-top styles, but they're made by unionized, non-sweatshop workers instead of Asian slave girls. AND for every pair of shoes you buy online before Sept. 30, No Sweat will donate a pair to Katrina evacuees. You can also give $15 to donate a pair of sneakers to the cause.

Just do it.

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I've got my hot Code Pink kicks and I'm love, love, loveing them.

I ordered the wrong size and they exchanged them quickly with no hassle. Good folks, good customer service.

Cinnamon @ 09/19/2005 11:40 AM CST

Dear Sister:
I wonder if you heard the Texas nun caring for Katrina survivors who was interviewed on All Things Considered yesterday? She wanted to be sure that these folks did not "waste their suffering," but rather "use it for the Church." Or to that effect.
I would like to go on record that she is no sister of MINE.
Reverend Agnes Lionel dDf

Reverend Agnes Lionel @ 09/21/2005 06:13 PM CST

I did not hear that. But I certainly don't endorse such behavior!

Amy C @ 09/22/2005 03:33 PM CST

Look how cool they are! I can't wait for my several t-shirts to get here. Woot!

Jessica Donohoe @ 09/27/2005 04:25 PM CST

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