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Hey, reader! Do you like books? Do you like words? Do you like books about words? Because my pal Ed runs a little publishing concern called Marion Street Press, and they're having a year-end sale. Many of the books are specifically for journalists covering various beats (so buy those for all your journalist friends, or just send some to your local multinational-conglomerate-owned media outlet with a nasty note about getting the basics right). But Ed also sells lots of great reference books and writing guides. I'm getting this one. I have these two and love them. I use them at work all the time (though not here, where I ramble with impunity).

Also, if you want soap, go to Bad Kitten. Best. Soap. Ever. (as the kids say)

And, hey! Cinnamon's got four new bag styles just in time for Jesus' birthday, including more of the custom bag she made for me (don't you want to be just like me?).

If you live in Chicago, support your local crafty person by shopping at Mint Boutique, which only sells stuff made by local crafty people, including many of our DIY Trunk Show vendors.

Remember, local beats chain like rock beats scissors, man. (Though if you absolutely must shop through Amazon, help Chronic Babe while you do it.)

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