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My punk-ass pregnant pal Shechemist refuses to accept the pregnant-woman-as-community-property paradigm:

Today, for the first time, someone without asking for my consent, patted my fucking belly.

And I, in return, patted her right tit.

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Quick! Google the Internet for someone's blog saying, "... and she grabbed my breast! Right there in the middle of the store!"

Charlie @ 01/13/2006 11:10 AM CST

I think we need some t-shirts with barbed wire across the stomach.

Miriam @ 01/13/2006 04:58 PM CST

I would frigging *love* a t-shirt with barbed wire across the stomach.

I don't mind when folks ask. Several of my class mates have asked, and I even did a mini,"this is how you feel for a head. this is how you feel for the back/butt. Try ballotment. It's kinda cool feeling. "

People that don't know me well enough to know that touching me univited is a bad idea get what ever I am up for.

shechemist @ 01/13/2006 06:48 PM CST

There is now water on my monitor.

Thank you, shechemist. I would have paid big money to see the look on her face.

Cinnamon @ 01/19/2006 04:38 PM CST

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