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Well! Now that school is done I guess I have no excuses not to fire up the ol' blog machine and see what happens. I've been jotting down some ideas for longer posts, but I don't want to just, you know, dive in. I could strain something.

So I think I'll take this week to warm up. Do a little blog cardio to get my stamina back up after months of slacking. Maybe reorganize the blogroll, do some housekeeping, link to some stuff I've stumbled across during my self-imposed exile. Then next week, flush with enthusiasm for the new year, I'll get back to the regularly scheduled nonsense -- spirited Bush bashing, random reviews of things I like, tales from the office, and Nuns in the News. (Dear god, that sounds boring. Why am I doing this again?)

Anyway, here are ten random songs from my iTunes -- you know, like the kids do!

Ping-Pong Affair -- The Slits
White Knuckles -- Elvis Costello & the Attractions
American Without Tears -- The Costello Show
It's Hard to Turn Me On -- Quasi
Two States -- Pavement
The Killing Moon -- E cho & the Bunnymen
Home Again Garden Grove -- the Mountain Goats
All Apologies -- Sinead O'Connor
I Can't Get No Satisfaction (Thank God) -- Tallulah Gosh
Where It's At -- Beck

Replies: 4 Confessions

Funny, a few minutes ago I was sitting here in my parents' guest room (visiting them over the holidays), and I noticed the pendant that you made a few years ago when you were selling your beadcraft. It's on the dresser here, curled up among others of my mom's necklaces. I began to wonder what the Rubber Nun was up to, and so I stopped by and discovered the pleasant news. Congratulations on finishing school, and I'm glad you're blogging again!

Kurt in Seattle @ 12/28/2006 12:43 AM CST

Hi, Kurt! Thanks for coming back.

You got your mom one of the jade flower pendants, right?

AmyC @ 12/28/2006 09:26 AM CST

Yes, and a lovely pendant it is. I liked your choice of colors -- black, silver, and the jade.

Kurt in Seattle @ 12/28/2006 03:54 PM CST

Welcome back, your nunship! It's so good to have someone living in the old nunnery again.

P. Dave @ 12/28/2006 06:13 PM CST

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