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I had a little graduation party last night, graciously hosted by my lovely pals, Andrew and Cinnamon.

I got to see so many people I never got to see much of during my 3.5 years of grad school. And I had this awesome cake from Dinkel's Bakery -- two layers of chocolate cake separated by a layer of raspberry preserves and smothered in white buttercream frosting. I had a little trouble getting the inscription I wanted, but they finally agreed (although they made it as small as possible).

The party, the people, the cake -- all of it was delicious!

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Hah! i am shocked they did it for you. My mom worked there for years, she always had stories about the cakes Mr. Dinkel would not allow. Congrats on graduating, and for possibly being the first person ever to get dinkel's to write something profane on a cake! yeay!

Nat @ 01/17/2007 03:09 PM CST

Love your cake. I certainly felt that way when I finished.

a @ 01/17/2007 06:49 PM CST

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