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So, I didn't watch the Whistle-Ass Follies last night, but as I clicked past C-Span on the way to Comedy Central, I heard something I've been waiting most of my life to hear: "Madame Speaker."

As each round of dignitaries entered the chamber, they were preceded by an announcement. "Madame Speaker, the Chief Justice and associate justices of the Supreme Court."

"Madame Speaker, the President's Cabinet."

"Madame Speaker, that evil, lying bastard you totally should have promised to impeach instead of taking it 'off the table.'" Or words to that effect.

That's where I changed channels, because I can't stand to look at him or hear his lies. But with each announcement to Madame Speaker, I choked up a little bit. Pelosi's speakership seemed like such a foregone conclusion for most of a year, it's hard to remember she's only actually had the job for a few weeks. It's hard to remember how historic it really is to finally have a woman in such a seat of power. I realized I had been taking it for granted until I heard that phrase I'd never heard before -- Madame Speaker.

How much longer before we get to hear "Madame President"?

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