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Nine months pregnant and married to a fervent Bears fan with tickets to Sunday's NFC Championship game, Colleen Pavelka didn't want to risk going into labor during the game against the New Orleans Saints. Due to give birth on Monday, Pavelka's doctor told her Friday she could induce labor early. She opted for the Friday delivery.

"I thought, how could (Mark) miss this one opportunity that he might never have again in his life?" said Pavelka, 28, from the southwestern Chicago suburb of Homer Glen.

Yes. The once-in-a-lifetime watch a football game. I could see maybe, maybe inducing labor if the husband's once-in-a-lifetime opportunity involved actually playing in the big, important football game. But no, he just wanted to sit on his ass and watch a bunch of millionaires in funny pants knock each other down and run around, just like any other football game except that this one had so much at stake! (namely, the possibility of playing in another football game in a couple weeks, wherein the millionaires who ran around the most would get fancy rings and a big trophy and a bunch more money, and the fans would get, I don't know, an opportunity to scream a lot and drink beer?)

I mean, he can watch his kids being born any old time, right?

Something tells me the wife and kids are gonna take a back seat to the millionaire athletes on a regular basis in that home.

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When I was living in London way back when, I happened to be a soccer match where they made an actual announcement over the PA to someone in the stands that his wife had just given birth.

So why couldn't these people have just done that instead?

Phineas @ 01/24/2007 06:41 PM CST

That's why God gave us the Jumbotron, right?

Amy C @ 01/25/2007 05:30 AM CST

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