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Molly Ivins writing about Camille Paglia is the very definition of cutting through the crap.

Paglia, for those who don't remember the first Bush era, loved to say shocking things (with no basis in fact, mind you) about "sacred cows" in order to get herself on TV and in print. She was a professional contrarian who tossed around the 50-cent words to seem smarter than the rest of us. Oh, and she looooooooved Madonna like it meant something. She was gradually engulfed by a sea of imitators -- anti-feminist women, anti-civil rights minorities, self-loathing conservative gays, aggressive media whores who would say anything or sell out anyone for a spot on "Crossfire," each successive wave abandoning Paglia's pretense of scholarship to become dumber and louder and meaner, until Ann Coulter was coughed up out of the murk.

So that's where we are now. Perhaps if more people had paid attention to Molly Ivins back in 1991, we would have been spared. Paying attention to Molly was always a good idea.

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