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Dude, don't you dare fire Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwen.

Seriously, if crazy racist nutjob Michelle Malkin and crazy gay-bashing nutjob Bill Donohue (whom Atrios accurately dubbed a "professional outrage machine") want to fume about the rantings of an anti-Catholic Church* potty mouth, send 'em my way!

Lots more good posts about this topic at Feministe and pretty much anywhere smart-mouthed women are blogging.

*Note: Being opposed to the anti-woman, anti-gay, pro-molestation-coverup policies of the Vatican does not necessarily make one "anti-Catholic." Some of my best friends -- and favorite family members -- are Catholic. Most of them disagree with the Pope on just about everything, and so should you. :-)

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I disagree with the Pope on just about everything. Except fashion. Little red slippers and yarmulkes are teh hotts.

Phineas @ 02/08/2007 06:03 PM CST

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