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I took today off to run errands, go to the dermatologist, and meet up with some nice nonprofit people who might let me join their board (more about that if it happens). And in between all of these events, I spent entirely too much time waiting for buses and trains in the subzero wind chills.

First, very early in the morning as we headed to the gym, Jim and I stood on the windswept Red Line platform waiting for yet another fucked-up train to make its way to us. There were apparently "switching problems at Howard" that delayed everything in both directions. My thighs were like frozen sausages by the time the train showed up.

Post-workout, I decided to give the Red Line a miss and headed for an express bus to Andersonville. Plan B was also a bad choice -- I waited 25 minutes for the 147 express, which never showed, and ended up on the 146, which went express to Belmont then c r a w l e d its way to Berwyn. I showed up at the nonprofit board interview thingy late and cold and cranky. Fortunately there were scones and hot tea and much love for my application to join.

But then, alas, more bus-waiting in the cold. After 20 minutes -- and twice being passed up by empty "training buses" that sure looked like they were going to stop, which is just cruel in this weather -- the Happy Bus showed up. Why was it the Happy Bus? Because the driver said so! He welcomed us to his Happy Bus and cheerfully announced all the stops, even after the automated announcement system. "This is Happy Waveland! Next stop, Happy Addison!" He welcomed each successive wave of passengers to the Happiest Bus in Chicago and told us all to have a wonderful time.

And I did. And when it was time for me to leave the Happy Bus, I told the driver to have a great day. He told me to have a better day!

I love you, Happy Bus driver!

And then a couple hours later, I waiting 25 minutes for a Belmont bus, and three showed up at once (of course!), so we're back to where we started.

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