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The CTA, after originally saying there would be no increased bus service to help passengers during the two and a half years! when train routes are cut 25% for construction on the Belmont and Fullerton stops, appears to have changed its mind. However, the board is still utterly tone-deaf when it comes to knowing what riders really need:

Bus bunching--buses plodding through their routes bumper to bumper due to traffic congestion--is already a serious problem for the CTA, and a major frustration among riders. Adding more buses to the mix could exacerbate the logjam.

[CTA chairwoman Carole] Brown complained that she saw four CTA buses broken down on the street, with passengers inside, while she was driving home from work on Tuesday.

Carole, honey? If you are DRIVING along CTA bus routes, you should be riding those buses instead. I'm amazed that no one on the CTA board is required to actually use the CTA to get around town. (Actually, I'm not amazed at all. Brown is notorious for taking cabs everywhere instead of using public transit.)

I spent a combined total of two hours in the bitter cold waiting for buses yesterday, and the worst phase of the construction project hasn't even started. If anyone on the CTA's board or executive leadership (I'm looking at you, Frank Kreusi) had to do that even once a week, you can bet the problems would get fixed a lot faster.

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