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I finally got around to posting some photos from our recent trip to Florida. My folks live there half the year, so every couple years we head south for a few days of swimming, napping, eating key lime pie, and then more napping. This year we mixed it up with some adventures -- a cruise down the Intracoastal, a street painting festival, a visit to the Japanese gardens in Delray -- and some euchre. Sadly, our day at the ocean was ruined by these bastards all over the beach, but it was a good trip nonetheless.

Jim also took some pictures.

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those man o' wars are pretty damn cool.

amy @ 03/06/2007 06:36 PM CST

Sure -- til they sting ya! Which they can even do when they're dead. Bastards.

AmyC @ 03/07/2007 12:18 PM CST

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