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The lovely and talented Dave Awl (founder and fancypants of The Partly Dave* Show, among other artistic concerns) has finally started arranging his thoughts into a daily assortment of pixels at Ocelopotamus. You will like it.

Also new in the links is Loosetooth, a family of blogs (personal, professional, commercial, hedgehog) from the phenomenally crafty Brandy Agerbeck, who is cool.

I got a whole bunch more to add, so stay tuned.

*"Partly Dave" comes, of course, from the John Lennon story of the same name. Although we never saw any burning spastics at Dave's shows, we can't wait for his interpretive dance rendition of "Deaf Ted, Danoota, and Me."

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Thanks for the plug! We're currently working on turning "The Fat Growth on Eric Hearble" into an opera.

Partly Dave @ 03/20/2007 12:53 PM CST

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