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I'm not one for "reality" TV or game shows. And I confess that when I
first heard Heather Mills was going to be on "Dance, You Celebrity!" my
first thought was, "What a freaky little fame-whore she is!" And then I
remembered that she only has 1.5 legs, and suddenly I became insanely
curious about the whole affair. Not in an
I-wonder-if-her-leg-will-fly-off-and-kick-Joey-Fatone-in-the-nuts kind
of way, but in a genuinely supportive and impressed kind of way.

I mean, if rumors are to be believed about her messy divorce, she sounds
like a complete psycho (as does her estranged husband -- WTF, Sir

But before she was a crazy ex, she was an activist for the
disabled. And I'm totally rooting for Activist Heather, that brave and
plucky gal, to show the world that 1.5-legged women can be graceful and
sexy and perfectly capable of cutting the rug even with a million people
waiting for them to fail. (Next season: Nomy Lamm?)

So I tuned in last night to see her dance a
nervous but elegant foxtrot, and despite myself, I might just tune in
again next week. I hope she wins...and then kicks Joey Fatone in
the nuts.

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