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The exercise. I've been exercising. And not only that, I've been enjoying it. After years of dragging myself to the gym and going through the motions (and always less often than I intended), I've finally found a workout plan that I like, and I've been sticking to it for three months now.

Getting a permanent locker at the gym certainly helped -- I don't have to lug my stuff around every day, and most of it can just stay at the gym.

But the biggest change has been working out with Jim. Not technically with him, exactly -- we're not spotting each other in the weight room or anything. But he goes to gym almost every morning, and knowing he's going makes it harder for me to talk myself out of going, which was the worst part of trying to exercise after work.

And the best part has been the results. I've lost eight pounds so far, but even better, I can see my body changing. My legs and arms are slimmer, my face less round. My stamina has increased, and I went from the five-pound dumbbells to the eights and now to the tens. I think I'm just a couple weeks away from doing one-ton leg presses. I bought an interview suit (more on that in a minute) two sizes smaller than the suit I bought three years ago. I actually look forward to working out now and spend part of my day wondering what I might do tomorrow (lower body? More cardio?).

Unfortunately the exercising isn't giving me enough of an endorphin kick to make me stop thinking that everyone secretly hates me and I'll never amount to anything. Is there some sort of crunch I can do for that?

The job. So, back to the interview suit. With my fancy new degree and all, it's finally time to get the hell out of publishing and into my chosen career of professional world-saving. I've been moderately upfront with my boss for the past year or so that I was going to move on when school was done, but he does read my blog occasionally (hi, boss!), so I'm not going into details on the job hunt until it's done. But if you have any good nonprofit job leads, send 'em my way!

The househunting. Jim and I are going to stop being apartment-renters and start living in something that looks just like an apartment but comes with 30 years' worth of debt. Yes, we are about to become Condo People. We've been looking for a few weeks with our pal Mouse, and we may have found the perfect place. There's some other stuff we need to check out first, and of course we have to hand over all our money and a young goat and a bazillion bank-dollars (not entirely sure how this part works) that we get to spend the next three decades paying back. But, hey, at least we get to paint the walls however we want, am I right? Ha! High five.

Holy crap.

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Sounds like you guys have hit the ground running. wow!

the other amy @ 03/25/2007 02:38 PM CST

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