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I spent most of the weekend packing up the apartment -- or at least one little corner of it -- for the impending move to Our Own Place, coming this May to a rented van near you.

Of course, the difficult and time-consuming part of moving is not packing but deciding what to pack. Moving is a great excuse to purge, so I've been sitting on the floor of my little office at the back of the apartment, going through boxes I haven't opened since we moved in seven years ago. And some of this stuff I've been hauling around with me from state to state since 1992!

Holy crap -- college newspapers, photos of exes, volumes of sub-Vogon high school poetry (did you know it is all about love, people? Because it is!), a big box of dubbed tapes (what was I thinking with all the Indigo Girls?). I kept the best bits -- except the photos of exes -- and tossed the rest. The more boxes I went through, the less sentimental I got. I kept a separate pile of good stuff that will either go to Brown Elephant or get posted on eBay.

About the only bits I kept all of were the personal correspondence. I used to be quite a prolific letter writer, and I've kept every note and letter and birthday card sent to me since high school. Some day I really will organize it all. But for now, I've packed it up to bring with.

There's also a small pile of stuff that it pains me to part with forever -- the gold tap shoes from my last year of dance class (1988), the giant black boots I got married in, the threadbare Bauhaus t-shirt I bought in 1985 before I figured out that I really didn't like Bauhaus all that much, except that one song, but I kept wearing because it was the perfect length to peek out from under sweaters. I know in my heart I will never wear or use these things again. So that's what digital cameras are for. I'll get a couple good shots before throwing them away, and then I will still have them without having to pack them or find a place for them in the new digs.

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You could try this with the bauhaus T, I've done it with several baby tshirts that were too precious to throw out.

but then again if it was only the one song...

eighmie @ 04/10/2007 05:33 AM CST

That's actually a really great idea -- I may use it on some of the other shirts in my collection that are getting too frayed to wear.

But the Bauhaus shirt is so threadbare it's nearly transparent. I think if I ran a needle through it, it would vanish in a puff of smoke.

AmyC @ 04/10/2007 08:16 AM CST

Speaking of T shirts, I've been hanging onto mine in hopes of making a quilt out of them some time in the future. :)

the other amy @ 04/10/2007 03:56 PM CST

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