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Last week at work, my whole department got moved to another floor our company recently aquired in the same building. We'd grown so much since I started almost three years ago that we ran out of desks and were competing for space with the other division on our floor. We'd been hearing for months about the state-of-the-art conference room that was going in on the new floor, and all the window offices and other groovy amenities. Of course, as other departments got wind of us getting new digs, they got jealous and muscled their way in on our fun.

Suffice it to say, the new spread turned out to be less exciting than was originally promised. In my old cube, I was on the river side of the building, with a view of the skyline, Lake Michigan to my left and the Sears Tower to my right. The view -- and the attendant natural light, which meant I rarely had to turn on the overhead fluorescents -- made up for being in a cube.

This was my old view.

This is my new view.

I work for the same company. I was not (to my knowledge) demoted. And yet!

Please kill me.

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I had a similar fall from grace at a job in the mid-90s. When they hired me in they weren't sure what to do with me so they "temporarily" put me in a wall office with a nice window, and a door I could close anytime, especially for taking a nap at lunchtime. I learned that naps are the best lunch there is! Then after a little under a year, they moved us all to a new building, and I was more appropriately filed in a tiny cubicle far away from any windows, but visible to every person passing by. The remaining two years of that job were a steady descent into misery. If I were you, I'd bring a power saw to work and cut a rectangular hole in the nearest wall.

Ocelopotamus @ 04/22/2007 02:45 PM CST


Frida @ 04/27/2007 10:24 PM CST

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