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Jim and I spent about 900 hours at the Crack House this weekend, painting. That's it. Nothing else to report. Textured walls + dark, crappy colors = two coats of primer on everything. There will be even more painting this week.

But the place is starting to look real nice. Take a peek.

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Nice nice nice nice. How well I remember this process from rehabilitiating the House of Funereal Beige. Are you painting the closets? Primer in closets turns out to be real bad for asthma.

elavil @ 05/07/2007 07:32 AM CST

Well, we're using low-VOC paints and primer with no toxic emissions. (Same price as regular paint!) It has made a world of difference, I tell you what.

AmyC @ 05/07/2007 07:57 AM CST

Here's the link:

AmyC @ 05/07/2007 07:57 AM CST

Although it is my great hope not to paint very many more closets in my lifetime, thank you for the link. We looked at low VOC paint when we bought the House of Beige but at the time, not much was available here in Iowa.
Do you know when the Crack House was built? It looks to be of an age with the HoB, which was built in 1916.

elavil @ 05/07/2007 11:24 AM CST

Looking good! the floor is beautiful. I like the green.

Mom C @ 05/07/2007 03:52 PM CST

So the crack house is magical like the wardrobe into narnia, how wonderful to spend 900 hours with only 96 between the two of you. Glad to hear things are moving along nicely for you both.

eighmie @ 05/07/2007 10:30 PM CST

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