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People: Talk to me about "window treatments." I'm totally out of my depth here, except for knowing that I am done forever with cheap vinyl miniblinds. What else do people do to cover their windows (not involving "swags" or all the other heavy, futzy crap we saw at Linens-N-Shit last night, which made me despair of ever finding anything cool)?

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Saris. Install the kind of thin drapery rod you get from the hardware store (cheap), and either drape the cloth over it, or use drapery clips (cafe clips).

Other options: vintage fabric of any kind, or flat bedsheets (already has a pcket for the rod).

chgored @ 05/09/2007 04:18 AM CST

I like sheers. They let light in, look good from the outside, and you can add heavier drapes on top of them as color accents. You can always put those up while your brain is percolating on what exactly you want... they're relatively cheap to make or buy.

Brenda @ 05/09/2007 05:45 AM CST

I do like the sari idea, but wouldn't the fabric need to go over something though, like a shade or blinds, for privacy?

(And how do the store owners on Devon feel about white girls buying their traditional clothing to make curtains?)

Amy C @ 05/09/2007 05:47 AM CST

Actually, depending on the color, they can be pretty good at keeping out the neighbors while still letting in light. Depends on how you hang them.

And I had the same worry--these merchants are going to give me such crap. But they didn't. Actually, they thought it was fine. I think they may be fairly used to it by now. I bought from two places, although Uma Sarees was the only one I remember.

One other place you might look for non-fussy window stuff: Ikea.

ChgoRed @ 05/09/2007 07:59 AM CST

I'm a fan of the boarded-up look myself. All you need is some plywood! If you want a little decoration, you can add some spraypaint graffiti.

Bonus: makes the neighbors think twice about bothering you when they think your music is "too loud" or some s*** like that.

Ocelopotamus @ 05/09/2007 08:23 AM CST

I'm a big fan of roman blinds (aka roman shades) in a colour that matches the walls (or something slightly something lighter). The bonus is that they are pretty easy to make yourself!

Aside from that I'd just keep it simple. You don't want the very first thing you notice when you walk into the room is the window covering. Simple tab top sheers that go all the way to the floor make rooms look tall without blocking out the light.

the other amy @ 05/09/2007 04:34 PM CST

1) Make curtains out of yard goods. Tab tops and pole tops are easy but require a sewing machine.
2) Buy curtains you like at discount stores. I got mine at Tuesday Morning but it took a lot of lurking. I also got wonderful lace curtains on eBay. Also, although I hate to admit it, some of those Martha Stewart curtains are excellent colors and not ugly.
3) Sheers are great if you are OK with being visible, because you will be when the lights are on. If you want more privacy, bamboo shades are nice. Have you looked at Cost Plus?

elavil @ 05/09/2007 05:20 PM CST

Amy, look at my blinds, Hunter Douglas Silhoutte, they give privacy when down and closed, you can have them down and the fabric blinds open, then they can be lifted for a lot of light and a good view of your wooded area. They can be costly if you have a lot of windows, but they are easy to care for and you clean them with a vacuum attachment.
Even if you started in the living room, you could add more as you go.

Mom C @ 05/09/2007 09:36 PM CST

Roman shades are what we have in our living room in case you want a peek. And they're not too hard to make.

You could also go to Vogue and get roller blinds made in your desired fabric or in plain white.

And the shop owners on Devon are like any other shop owner. They're selling stuff and if you've got money they want it.

Traditionally it is bad luck to cut a sari. But since I've done it, I wouldn't worry about bad luck.

Cinnamon @ 05/11/2007 01:41 PM CST

For immediate Privacy
white Tissue paper and white glue thinned with water, Nosy neighbors be damned, they can't see in and light comes through. And it comes off with water and very little scrubbing.

Simple panels of muslin across the windows do a less permanent job of obscuring the view if only temporarily, they tie up easily if you want an unobscured view and muslin is cheap.

Then look at fancier stuff. You can drape fabric over a 10 penny nail, make a corner flouce with a rubber band and a puddle of fabric on the floor at each side. They make brakets and all, which you fancy homwowners might like to buy. as a renter I try not to invest too much in hardware. Get down on Devon and get yourself some saris and have fun.

The suggestion of the silhoutte is a really nice blind/windeow treatment option, and expensive, but this is your home so some if you can't splurge on buying good quality things that will last a long time for that, what can you splurge on. and momC they do clean well, and sorry I used to sell blinds, don't know what's out there now, but these are really a nice option of privacy and semi -privacy.

Best of luck in the new place.

eighmie @ 05/11/2007 08:23 PM CST

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