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Hey! We moved in! (mostly!)

Unfortunately, our phone and Intertubes access did not move with us, so we've been incommunicado since last Thursday. (Also, no cable yet.) No contact with the outside world, except for the pay phone at the laundromat on the corner. It was weird. Fortunately, with none of our usual distractions in the house, Jim and I were able to haul ass on unpacking. It's starting to look like a real place around here!

So...yeah. All the stress of packing and cleaning and moving and unpacking is coming to an end. That's about all that's happening around here.

Except I also got a new job and start two weeks from tomorrow. So there's that.

I need a nap.

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New home AND a new job? How exciting!

the other amy @ 05/14/2007 03:48 PM CST

Holy crow! Congrats, Amy! Can't wait to get all the fantastic details.

Cinnamon @ 05/14/2007 04:54 PM CST

Get a cell phone. Get two.

Seriously. It won't destroy your soul. I promise.

Also: When is the housewarming kegger?

Phineas @ 05/14/2007 04:57 PM CST

You are going to have a housewarming kegger??? Wait for Aunt Kitty and me. Pay attention to Phineas, you could get at least a TracFone.

Mom C @ 05/14/2007 09:04 PM CST

And so it was done. They bringeth forth many gifts and boxes into a new land. Yea, verily even unto gentle 4-legged friends, tho they be a smallith part wacko. And they calleth unto the people 'Come forth with the fifth and the keg and we shall celebrate a great passing.'
And it was good.
Mazel und barroch for the new digs, kids.

JT Elder @ 05/15/2007 12:39 AM CST

wow, and I thought you two would be all tech'd up. Good on you, there are days when I hate my cell. Like when the person trying to reach me goes into a panic cause I don't answer their call or return their call for literally minutes. Best of luck again in the new place and at the new job, any idea on what the view will be from your new desk?

eighmie @ 05/15/2007 07:24 PM CST

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