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Five years ago today, Jim and I got married. We've been through so much in our eight years together -- falling in love, living together, making it legal, buying a home.

And just this week, we finally decided to make the leap that most married couples, soulmates, committed life partners make in their relationships. The one decision that truly proves our love and commitment to each other for a lifetime.

We merged our music collections.

I know. This is huge. Separate shelving no more! My 200 or so CDs have been intermingled with Mr. Bad Music's Big Wall o' Music. Bikini Kill is now nestled between the Yiddish folk stylings of Theodore Bikel and the toothless crazyman poetry of Bingo Gazingo. The Dickies share space with Ani DiFranco, the Goons lean against the Gossip, Jerry Lewis is entirely too close to Le Tigre. Even my childhood Beatles LPs are filed with god knows what disturbing vinyl he's picked up over the years. But it's all good, yo.

So here's today's Random Ten, mostly my stuff but definitely influenced by eight years of mixtapes and love from Dr. Handsome Weirdo, my beloved.

The Woman in Your Life Is You -- Alix Dobkin*
TGIF -- Le Tigre
Cruel -- Calexico
Heights -- Mountain Goats
San Quentin -- Johnny Cash
Jenny -- Sleater-Kinney
I Want You (She's So Heavy) -- The Beatles
Lovely Day -- Pixies
Every Night -- Paul McCartney
Crash -- The Primitives

*Surprisingly, this one's not a relic from my undergrad days -- it came from Jim, who went through a "womyn's music" phase a few years ago after hearing the inimitable Kathy Fire's "Mother Rage" on WFMU. Whoa-o-ooo-o!

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You will look back on this time, in years to come, and say to yourself, "that was such a natural next step. Why did I have my doubts." Or, you could say it to Jim. Or the next set of felines you acquire. Or you could post it here. Anyhow, congratulations. Happiness is a neat thing to have. Laughter, even better. (Why are there no "f's" in that word?)

JT Elder @ 05/18/2007 07:32 PM CST

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