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Originally uploaded by rubbernun
Jim's sister Amy, who came all the way from Sydney for their grandmother's funeral, made us this lovely little cross-stitched crackhousewarming present. It's now on the mantle, but I think I'll find a nice place to hang it.

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wanted to invite the rubber nun and gadgetgirl to my yard sale this weekend in rogers park, i've got tons of summer dresses for hot skinny chicks like the two of you. At howard and greenview, so not too far away from you.

eighmie @ 05/27/2007 09:10 AM CST

eighmie! I just got it! Amy, right? (OK so I'm a little slow. I'm entitled.)

jt elder @ 05/27/2007 05:57 PM CST

Great minds think alike.

I had something similar planned out. A cute little "Home Is Where the Crack Is" Cross stitch thingy.

But alas, mine was just planned on not completed. You may still get it though, so pretend to be surprised, okay?

Cinnamon @ 05/29/2007 12:12 PM CST

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