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Originally uploaded by rubbernun
I got some great advice about window treatments for the Crack House, and I headed down to Devon Ave. this weekend with Amy to shop for sari fabric.

We tried a couple places before wandering into Sonia Selection, where the proprietor unfurled several rolls of gorgeous silks, but in colors way too...colorful...for me. Then he unrolled this lovely cranberry chiffon with a print in white and almost the exact shade of tan that we just painted the walls. It also goes with this chair pretty dang perfectly.

I bought enough to make four panels. We held it up to the windows at home, and it's transparent enough to let in plenty of light while still adding a lovely color.

Now I just need to figure out how to make curtains! Yay!

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cut panels, run a bead of June Taylor FRAY BLOCK (Not Fray Check) along the edges, (available at Hancock Fabrics, just south of Granville on Broadway), and they sell these ring clips that you can attach like a clothes pin, the right words to describe these things escapes me now, (target is cheaper, but they have them at Hancock Fabrics) a few spring tension rods and you're all set.

eighmie @ 05/29/2007 08:00 PM CST

I love people who know how to do things.

Ocelopotamus @ 05/30/2007 05:15 AM CST

Ha- the thing I love about eighmie's instructions are NO SEWING! (not that I hate sewing, but that's the intimidating part for people who don't sew, and sheer fabric is especially hard to get right). And you aren't even putting holes in the fabric, so if you want to put up all new fabric in a year, or use the sari fabric for something else, you're good to go.


Brenda @ 05/30/2007 06:24 AM CST

Yay! And the fabric is loooovely!

ChgoRed @ 06/01/2007 02:54 PM CST

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