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Saturday night there was a drive-by shooting a couple hundred yards from our new place.

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I can hear both of our mothers shitting themselves from here.

the other amy @ 06/05/2007 04:42 PM CST

You got that right other amy!

Mom C @ 06/06/2007 08:24 AM CST

well, bullet proof vests always make for nice christmas gifts!


chris @ 06/06/2007 10:38 AM CST

I thought about you two when I heard about the shooting. One of the things I hate about summer is the upswing in gang shootings.

Not to panic your sweet mothers anymore, this wasn't the first shooting since March within a 6 block radius of your place. What is wigging me out is that the past two that I know of have not been in the gritty hours of the night, but during peak evening commute home times.

shechemist @ 06/06/2007 10:45 AM CST

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