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Another in a continuing series of posts about my new year's resolution to try new things in Chicago...

I've tried a bunch of new restaurants in our new neighborhood. (Living out of boxes for a couple weeks will do that to you.)

First up, El Famous Burrito (which, Jim points out, is Spanish for "The Famous Burrito"). The specialty of the house is, of course, the burrito, which they claim to make "as big as a football." (Perhaps "as big as your head" is trademarked or something.) And they're not kidding. The veggie burrito features a tortilla the size of a pillowcase wrapped around heaps of beans, rice, veggies, and thick slices of fresh avocado. I've since tried some of their less ginormous foodstuffs and found them equally delicious. And cheap! So cheap. Even with the fresh avocado. We've been there four times in the past month.

China Hut is your basic Chinese takeout place, but with bubble teas and smoothies as well. Food's good, crab rangoons are especially tasty, and there's a big gold Buddha in the lobby with his belly covered in coins. It's nothing to go out of one's way for, but every neighborhood needs a good Chinese takeout place.

Then there's the A&T. Holy mother of god, how we love the A&T. The initials stand for "abundant and tasty," and dammit, it's true. Everything is delicious. We've eaten here FIVE TIMES already, even after swearing on Time #3 that we would take a two-week break to keep our arteries from slamming shut (we were back three days later). It's standard diner fare, but everything tastes just a little bit better. The scrambled eggs are fresh and fluffy, the French toast is not soggy in the middle, and the crispy fries taste like actual potatoes instead of just deep-fried texture. They also get lots of little details right: The iced tea comes with a long spoon so you don't have to stir the sugar in with your straw. Jim liked that his French toast/eggs/bacon combo came with the French toast on a separate plate so he didn't get syrup in his eggs. Even their generic hot tea is pretty tasty (i.e., not Lipton, with comes from the bladder of Satan himself). It is dangerous to have this place so close.

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