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Last night I dreamed that I was expecting marriage proposals from both Chandler Bing (the character, not Matthew Perry) and Gerald R. Ford. Nancy Reagan tried to convince me to accept Ford's offer, but I knew it would never work out because we had nothing in common. Still, I wasn't too pleased about the Bing option, either, because he was unemployed. I woke up feeling utterly ambivalent.

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Funny how Chandler's employment status was an issue, but the fact that Gerald Ford is dead didn't come up.

AmyWOMAN @ 06/05/2007 07:32 PM CST

Perhaps being alive was one of the things we did not have in common.

Amy C @ 06/05/2007 08:31 PM CST

I guess that's a good point. Kind of a dealbreaker, isn't it?

AmyWOMAN @ 06/06/2007 06:57 PM CST

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