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Five things I like about my new job:

1. I have an office. With a window, even. True, I will have to share it when the other new person starts in a couple of weeks, but it sure beats the shit out of the last place.

2. The building is cool. We're spread out over a couple floors in one of those old bank headquarters downtown that must have been quite grand in its day. The HVAC is all fucked up (sweltering or freezing, pick one) and the ancient elevators don't always line up with the floor by the time the doors open. But there are marble stairways with mahogany railings, and we can use them to get from floor to floor instead of having to take the elevators.

3. Everyone has been very friendly. Really. One of the directors sent me an e-mail just after I accepted the job to say she was thrilled I was joining their team. I've gotten lots of hearty "Welcome to [organization]!" greetings, and not in the sarcastic way we used to say to newbies at my old job, like when their clients wouldn't buy them office supplies and they had to run to Office Max on their own dime (or wait for someone to quit to get pens and paperclips).

4. Last week I got to go to one of the organization's big annual fundraisers, an awards luncheon for human rights work in Chicago. I got to hear the stories of some of the people helped by our organization, and I felt so proud and hopeful to be a part of it. Dick Durbin was there. And the tiny desserts were spectacular.

5. No one has mentioned "customer service." For the first time in my work life I feel I'm making a difference, and not just to some consumer's level of satisfaction. At all my other jobs, my work meant some Oracle programmer or benefits administrator got his/her magazine on time. If I do my job well now, more people in the city will be able to use our services -- mental health care, homeless prevention, legal aid for asylum seekers. I dig this more.

And now, ten things I heard on the iTunes this morning:

Don't Touch My Tomatoes -- Josephine Baker
Kung-Fu Fighting -- Robyn Hitchcock*
The All-Consumer -- Velocity Girl
Common People -- William Shatner (avec Ben Folds et Joe Jackson)
Woman -- John Lennon
I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar -- Jonathan Richman
Magic Number -- De La Soul
Ivanka -- Imperial Teen
Copacetic -- Velocity Girl
All Together Now -- los Beatles

*Fifteen years since my friend David put this on a mixtape for me, an a capella version of Kung-Fu Fighting sung and whistled by an Englishman still reliably cracks my shit up.

Replies: 2 Confessions

So good to hear about the new gig. It sounds really amazing.

the other amy @ 06/09/2007 03:24 AM CST

Good-o on the new J-O-B. When your cube-roomie arrives you won't be the newbee anymore. And you can show them where the bathrooms are. How cool is that? Knowledge of the path to the facilities is POWER! (OK Take a deep breath.)

JT Elder @ 06/10/2007 05:38 AM CST

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