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It was a busy weekend here at the Crack House. Jim and I did our first official entertaining (made brunch this morning for friends), and Cinnamon came over to see the place as well. Because we tidied up for these events, I took a few more photos to document our progress on turning the Crack House into a Crack Home.

So despite having a long to-do list to finish organizing and decorating this place, I spent most of today not doing much. We had the aforementioned brunch, then I took a two-hour nap -- lovely, with a cool breeze coming through the windows, bamboo windchimes clunking in the courtyard below. I made pineapple-coconut sorbet for dessert tonight and a black bean and avocado salad to take for lunch this week. The rest of the month is rapidly filling with social engagements, so I really needed this day to putter around our new home and just, you know, live in it. Next weekend we'll have to get back on the home-improvement train and stop slacking, but today was wonderful.

You know what this place really needs, though? A dog.

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We also watched Aki Kaurismaki's THE MAN WITHOUT A PAST today, which features a great canine performance.

jima @ 06/10/2007 08:41 PM CST

Puppy! Puppy! Puppy!

AmyB @ 06/12/2007 04:02 PM CST

Yep, a fuzzy one with floppy ears and that permanant dog smile.

Cinnamon @ 06/13/2007 11:54 PM CST

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