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Eight years high and rising edition...

I Think I'm a Mother -- PJ Harvey
Do Right Woman -- Sinead O'Connor
Brand New Love -- Superchunk
If Not for You -- George Harrison
Latinesque -- Esquivel
Buddy -- De La Soul*
Flight 717: Going to Denmark -- the Mountain Goats
The Soldiering Life -- the Decemberists
Way Out West -- Big Star
Monkey Gone to Heaven -- Pixies (live in Chicago 11/17/04)

*Jim and I went on our first date eight years ago this week. Eight years of "getting" each other. Eight years of mindreading and inside jokes and times when I think I might burst because I dig him so much. Like this one time, maybe a year ago, we were walking to the movies and Jim just a propos of nothing (as is his way) blurts out "Hallo." And of course I recognize the exact way he says it as the beginning of "Buddy," so after a beat I respond "meeny-meeny-meeny-meeny-meeny" and he's kind of shocked yet pleased that I got the reference so we quote the song back and forth all the way to the theater and crack each other up. It was just a spontaneous and silly little moment that made me think, yes, this is what I was looking for. We are on the same freaky wavelength. Stick 'em up, stick 'em up, Jimmie!

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Happy Date-iversary!

AmyWOMAN @ 06/15/2007 09:31 AM CST

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