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we wuz robbed
Originally uploaded by rubbernun
Dear person who stole my car stereo:

What the hell? What sort of money do you think you'll be able to get from a crappy, six-year-old tape deck? It doesn't even play CDs, dummy!

Thanks, at least, for picking my lock instead of breaking my window and for ejecting my Election 2000-era mixtape instead of taking it (its name is Chad, and I would have missed it). I hope I can come to expect this level of customer service from all the thieves in Rogers Park.

Fuck you.

Replies: 13 Confessions

Welcome to the club of people named Amy who have had their car stereos ripped off in Rogers Park... or something.

The sad thing is that even for a nice one they don't really get more than $10.

AmyWOMAN @ 06/18/2007 06:33 PM CST

Boo for thieves! Yay for Chad!

the other amy @ 06/19/2007 03:59 PM CST

I don't have anything to say, except, really? are we all named Amy??

AmyB @ 06/19/2007 04:15 PM CST

So far we are all named Amy. How long can we keep this up?

AmyWOMAN @ 06/19/2007 06:48 PM CST

We could go all night. Just don't let any Jennifers in -- they'll outnumber us!

Amy C @ 06/19/2007 08:19 PM CST

This is true. There is an army of Jennifers out there. Then what will we do?

AmyWOMAN @ 06/19/2007 08:34 PM CST

is there any other name for a girl in this world?

eighmie @ 06/20/2007 08:57 PM CST

we really should start a club or something....

the other amy @ 06/21/2007 04:53 AM CST

The Amy/Aimee Army?

AmyWOMAN @ 06/21/2007 10:25 AM CST

The A(r)my!

Amy C @ 06/21/2007 10:51 AM CST

yes, the silent R

EIGHMIE @ 06/22/2007 10:35 AM CST

For the Amys!

AmyB @ 06/24/2007 01:15 PM CST


AmyWOMAN @ 06/24/2007 05:03 PM CST

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