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Holy crap!

A man apparently speeding in his sport-utility vehicle overnight struck a light pole before going airborne and slamming into a convent in southwest suburban Summit, authorities said.


None of the five nuns inside the convent was injured, but the building was heavily damaged, said Sister Anna Smolak. She said only one of the women was awake when the SUV crashed into the building...

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Nuns are tough!

Mom C @ 06/21/2007 07:18 PM CST

Is this a "Man Bites Dog?" story. Y'know, "Stationwagon Hits Houseful of Nuns." If so, I think it must have been a slow news day. Be good to know if the driver is a member of the RNC. Might be trying to draw attention from the other rascals. Not very creative, I must say.

JT Elder @ 06/21/2007 09:13 PM CST

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